9 tips to maximize your direct mail ROI

1. Target the right people Once you have outlined your campaign goal you will be able to identify which prospects or customers you need to reach. Defining your target audience is a crucial step. Careful segmentation of your database is essential, whether choosing new leads, customers or lapsed buyers. Clean and segmented data will reduce […]

Leasing Advantages and Disadvantages

Leasing is a business transaction in which one party, the lessor provides an asset to another party, called the lessee for use over a specified time period, called the term of the lease against specified periodic payments. Advantages Leasing is a popular business strategy due to its following advantages: Instead of paying all of the […]

6 benefits to companies that issue green bonds

1. Disclosure requirements help communicate the sustainability narrative To be seen as green by investors, green bonds often need to voluntarily comply with a set of disclosure requirements. The most common of these is the Green Bond Principles, which provides issuers guidance on launching a green bond and outlines the necessary information investors would need to […]

Cheap Small Business Ideas You Can Start Now

1. Resume (C.V) Service As a resume writer, you will do an in-depth assessment of people’s experience, skills and career goals to create a compelling resume and cover letter(s) that best represent their unique skills and value to potential employers. The fact that not everyone can write a good resume for themselves and many people wouldn’t mind […]

10 New Future Business Ideas You Need To Know

1) 3D Printing 3D printing business is closely climbing the popularity charts. It is also one of the most profitable business ideas currently in the world, mainly because it has completely revolutionised the prototype manufacturing business. During the starting years, 3D printers costed a bomb and were out of range for several entrepreneurs. But with […]